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SER attends West Tech Fest 2022


Solar Energy Robotics CEO, Ben Brayford alongside The Hon Ed Husic MP  with the ASCR on display.

Photo credit: Ed Husic MP LinkedIn page


The Hon Ed Husic MP delivering his speech at the West Tech Fest 2022.

Photo credit: Ed Husic MP LinkedIn page

Solar Energy Robotics (SER) joined Australia’s most promising technology companies at West Tech Fest from December 4th to December 9th 2022 in Perth, Australia.

The event showcased industry-leading technology products as part of the “Showcase Alley” sponsored by the QuantumTX program. SER had on display the Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot (ASCR), which attracted the attention of the Federal Government Minister Ed Husic MP.


He  says: “We have all this ambition as a country to be able to make a contribution in this day and age where we do need to change the way manufacturing capability evolves in this nation, put it to use in some of the big challenges about getting to net zero, being able to address business entrepreneurism, which is very low and has been under huge pressure through the course of the pandemic. So, we’ve got to boost entrepreneurism, get new firms in, build manufacturing capability, attend to the net zero, and some of the other challenges that we have and we need more people.”

Moreso, he has announced the National Reconstruction Fund which will include a focus to building Australia’s high value robotics manufacturing capabilities.  He emphasised his commitment to growing the Start-up technology showcase by attending the promising event and getting around on the ground to hear from entrepreneurs and tech leaders how best to grow the tech industry.

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