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ASCR in Motion at Curtin University ICP Summer Program

ICP Summer Program student, Zitian Huang from Curtin University, getting immersed as he watches the SER's ASCR in full display.

Video credit: Ben Brayford LinkedIn page

Commercialising new robotic technologies is challenging in any industry sector, but there are many opportunities for innovation in Australia.

Zitian Huang, an engineering student from Curtin University found a  better way to spend his summer break by scoping, designing and prototyping a hotspot detection sensor stack on SER's Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot during the ICP Summer Program.

The process started with a technical and commercial analysis and literature review for product market fit and value proposition which also required creation and circulation of an industry supported survey. 

Once the problem was identified, the sensor stack and software were designed to solve the problem. The prototype proved the concept on our testing array as a viable inspection method for hot spot detection. The experiment successfully demonstrated that the IR thermometers could accurately measure the surface temperature of a PV module.

Universities and education systems are adopting innovative strategies to grow their talent pool for the future. Programs like the Innovation Central Perth Summer Internship program gives students the chance to connect with real-world technical and commercial challenges as they gain exposure to industry practices.

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